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Orange Smart Cloth
  • Orange Smart Cloth

    Make your recover easier


    Make your recover easier by buying a new set of cushions and having them professionally covered


    A good set of pool table cushions should last for many years.  However some tables, even fairly new ones, were fitted with a batch of cushion rubber that was inferior, although this wasn't apparent to the manufacturers at the time. This batch of rubber was usually red or blue. Over the years it has become evident that many of these cushions have become hard and unresponsive.


    We can supply cushions for most popular English tables -  Excel, Supreme, Gatley, Optima Pool, Sam, DPT, Superleague & Simply Pool


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    • Cloths starting from £125.00

      Smart cloth is a top quality, tightly woven wool cloth with a short, directional nap finish. Suitable for domestic or competition use, it offers excellent cue ball control and speed. Smart cloth requires a little more care to maintain it's luxurious appearance.


      Each pack contains 1 x bed cloth and 6 x cushion rail cloths


      Available in 24 colours​


      Cut Sizes: 
      6ft Bed Cloth:         68″ x 37.5″

      7ft Bed Cloth:         78″ x 42.5″

      8ft Bed Cloth:        104″ x 55.5″


      Please double check your slate size carefully before ordering.


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