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 New Pool Table Cushions

A good set of pool table cushions should last for many years.  


However some tables, even fairly new ones, were fitted with a batch of cushion rubber that was inferior, although this wasn't apparent to the manufacturers at the time. This batch of rubber was usually red or blue.


Over the years it has become evident that many of these cushions have become hard and unresponsive. The only way to rectify this is to replace either the rubbers or the complete cushion set. In most cases it is more economical to replace the whole set of cushions. Even if only one or two cushions are affected it is likely that the others will soon follow, so replacing the full set will give a much better, longer-lasting result.

We can supply new cushions for most major English manufacturers - Supreme, DPT, Optima, Gatley, Superleague, Premier, Avanti, Riley, Sam and other brands.

When you order a recover, we usually bring a new set of uncovered cushions with us, just in case.


if you would like a quotation for a new set of cushions please click here:   

Old Rubber
New Hazel Grove pool table Cushion
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