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Recover your pool table in Speed cloth from £250.00

We will send a fitter to your premises to complete the reclothing of your pool table.


Your new cloth will be fitted to the bed and existing cushions of the table. 

We can supply new cushions if they are required, at an extra cost.


When the new cloth has been fitted, we remark and relevel the table, 

before checking it over for a perfect finish and leaving it ready for play.

A super-fast, easily maintained, hard wearing cloth that is ideal for workplace and commercial premises as well as for domestic use


Available in 20 colours

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Green speed pool table cloth
Blue Speed Pool Table Cloth
Red Speed Pool Table Cloth
Burgundy Speed pool table cloth
American Green speed Pool table cloth
Electric Blue Speed Pool Table cloth
Bright Red Speed Pool table cloth
Purple Speed Pool table cloth
Olive speed Pool table cloth
Petrol Blue Speed Pool Table Cloth
Fuchsia speed Pool table cloth
Orange Speed Pool table cloth
Petrol Blue Speed
Spruce Speed Pool Table Cloth
Powder Blue Speed Pool Table Cloth
Banker Grey Speed pool table cloth
Charcoal  Speed Pool Table Cloth
Camel speed pool table cloth
Cadet Blue Speed Pool Table Cloth
Marine Blue Speed pool table cloth
Black Speed Pool table cloth
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