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Recover your pool table in Smart cloth from £285.00

We will send a fitter to your premises to complete the reclothing of your pool table.


Your new cloth will be fitted to the bed and existing cushions of the table. 

We can supply new cushions if they are required, at an extra cost.


When the new cloth has been fitted, we remark and relevel the table, 

before checking it over for a perfect finish and leaving it ready for play.

Smart cloth is a top quality, tightly woven wool cloth with a short, directional nap finish. Suitable for domestic or competition use, it offers excellent cue ball control and speed. Smart cloth requires a little more care to maintain it's luxurious appearance


Available in 24 colours​

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Green Smart
Blue Smart  600.jpg
Red Smart
Burgundy Smart
Navy smart
Orange Smart
Sage Smart
Powder blue Wolverhampton.jpg
Windsor red
Paprika Smart
Ranger Green Smart
Slate Smart
Cherry Smart
Gold Smart
Pink Smart 378.jpg
Silver Smart
Tan Smart
Charcoal Smart 800:67.jpg
Taupe Smart
French Navy 2.jpg
Purple Smart
nutmeg 2.jpg
Royal Navy Smart.jpg
Black Smart 600.jpg
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